Sandra Root

Residential Care Center Administrator

Sandra Root began her career working in long term care in 1988. She began her path in becoming an administrator by working at a small nursing home in central Michigan. After moving to Denver, Colorado, she worked in many different areas such as:  housekeeping, laundry, dish washing and as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  While living in Denver, she attended Emily Opportunity School where she received training to become a Licensed Practical Nurse(LPN).  Ms. Root spent three years working as a LPN, in a nursing home that specialized in Dementia Care.

In 1995, Ms. Root moved to Tuscaloosa, AL where she worked at a local nursing home while working towards obtaining her Registered Nurse Degree from Shelton State Community College. Upon completing her degree, she advanced to an RN supervisor at the same nursing home. She continued to work her way up in the health care field to higher positions such as Head of the MDS/Care Plan Department and eventually as the Director of Nursing.

While Ms. Root continued to work hard, she received training at Saint Martin’s in Birmingham, AL, with the goal of becoming a Nursing Home Administrator.  This goal became a reality for Ms. Root in December 2010 when she became the Administrator at Greene County Health System Residential Care Center. She anticipates working many more years of serving the elderly residents of Greene County. For Ms. Root, it’s not just a job…It’s An Adventure!!!



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Chief Information Officer